Jean Rintoul /

biophysical adventurer


About me

From Sydney->SF, starting in systems control/feedback systems of electo-optically guided missile simulations, I moved to other man luggable missile launcher simulators, and then turned to more peaceful applications of engineering applied to biological organisms. Biometric self-tracking, Emotiv Brain Computer Interfaces, Machine Learning Algorithms, Neurofeedback and Brain Training games like Neuroracer. I work at the intersection of technology/biological life and neuroscience, to try and make a better world.

Formal Education Summary:

B.E (Mechatronics) (Hons) University of Sydney

B.Sc (Physics) (Advanced) University of Sydney

Certificate in Electronic Music Production (SAE Australia)

I'm also generally curious, and try to read about things that interest me, and go to classes and talks on these topics.